All drawings of characters done by Shosuke Kudo / Cyleus with exception to the banner which was created with AI by Chaon Eon and edited by Penelope Lane.

NOW BOOKINGTDC: Penelope Lane | @thetwelvesmuse
ChaonVision: Chaon Eon | @tboneofyork


Mon | Jun 3 | 8:00 PM EST

The Drama Club presents:
Mellow Mondays
Open Mic
Crystal | Coeurl
By the New Gridania Aetheryte 11x11y

Thurs | Jun 13 | 8:00 PM EST

TDC @ Coyote Coffee
Primal | Lamia
Goblet | W14 P41

Fri | Jun 14 | 11:00 PM EST

ChaonVision @ The Foundry
Primal | Ultros
Mist | W20 P48

Mon | Jun 17 | 8:00 PM EST

The Drama Club presents:
Mellow Mondays
Open Mic
Crystal | Coeurl
By the New Gridania Aetheryte 11x11y

Fri | Jun 21 | 9:00 PM EST

TDC @ Blue Miqo'te Music Festival
Crystal | Goblin
Lav Beds | W7 P6

Sat | Jun 22 | 7:00 PM EST

TDC @ King Kupo Pride Event
Primal | Ultros
Shirogane | W12 P15

Tues | Jun 25 | 8:00 PM EST

TDC & Chaonvision @
Battle of the Bards: One for the Road
Huckleberry Saloon
Crystal | Diabolos
Lav Beds | W29 P36

Mon | Jul 15 | 8:00 PM EST

The Drama Club presents:
Mellow Mondays
Open Mic
Crystal | Coeurl
By the New Gridania Aetheryte 11x11y

MEllow Mondays Open Mic

♪♫♪ The Drama Club presents: Mellow Mondays Open Mic! ♪♫♪All bards and bands are welcome! Send Penelope Lane (Coeurl) a /tell when you get there to be put on the list. We just ask you to TRY and keep things mostly on the chill side... AND there are no promises it'll stay that way.Crystal | Coeurl | New Gridania | by the Aetheryte on the way to the Twin Adders GC @ x11y11We play two songs OR 10 minutes, whichever comes first!If you did not make the arrangement, please let us know who made it!The order of rotation will be determined based on the sign-ups, first in - first to play. Additions go to the end of the current list.AND around we go! When you get there, start forming our big ol' circle. Ask TDC where you need to go if you're unsure!Sign-ups end at 9:30PM EST.Send TDC a /tell in-game if you'll be late, and I'll let you know if there's room.Sign-up early via Discord - DM Penny!And of course- we always welcome listeners and fans!

The Drama Club hosts events throughout the community to connect and unwind with friends both old and new!Our goal is to provide a friendly, fun, safe, respectful, supportive, and encouraging environment for everyone.We are each other's #1 fan!If you ever feel unsafe, unwelcome, or experience any issues with community members, please let us know immediately.

The Cast of
The Drama Club

Click an image to see the cast profile!

"Orange Lizzer"

"Fist of the East"

"Diddles, Diddly"

"Bun Bun"

"Penny, Pen, P'nuuy"

Akane Yamamoto
Stage Manager, Playwright, & Cast

Also known as: Orange Lizzer or Orange Lady

A skilled bard from the far-reaching lands of Hingashi, is a warm and amiable soul who wears her heart on her sleeve. Growing up in the bustling streets of Kugane, she was exposed to the diverse cultures and vibrant arts of her homeland. Intrigued by the power of music to evoke emotions and foster connections, Akane dedicated herself to mastering various instruments. Her genuine and approachable demeanor allows her to effortlessly connect with people from all walks of life, and she finds joy in sharing her love of music with the world. As a wanderer, she travels through Eorzea, using her musical talents to make a lasting impact on all those who cross her path.

About Akane

Race: I am an orange haired female Au Ra with a positive/can-do attitude!
Favorite Bard Band: My favorite bard band is Darling Charley because we both really love the same types of music. They are such an inspiration for me! I also love the rest of Whisperleaf Record Company as they are always there to help out and lend their support!
Favorite Venues/Bands: My favorite Venue has to be The Hucklberry Saloon. I just love the atmosphere, and the gambling game Cards of Fated Fortune is so much fun!
Hobbies: Barding is my hobby, but I also like to do FFXIV content when I get the chance
Favorite Color: Orange! Favorite Food: Pizza!
Favorite Content/Character & Why: My favorite expansion so far was Stormblood. I love the Far Eastern/Asian aesthetic and the story was actually very entertaining. I know this isn't a popular opinion (because swimming) but I thoroughly enjoyed it! My favorite character is Y'shtola, she's just such a strong character and I could listen to her voice all day.
Likes: Happy and Positive vibes/people
Dislikes: Negativity

Chaon Eon
Stage Manager, Playwright, Hype-Lala, & Cast

Also known as: CHAOS

“A lover of word play, puns, silly pranks, and fancy coffee. Despite his small size, Chaon packs a gigantic head that rivals most ‘Tallafells’ as he likes to call them. He had a very unremarkable life was pretty reserved until he met the dark one, Truck-ku-”“Oh, that’s the wrong biography. Give me one second…” Chaon throws the book onto the floor before reaching onto the bookshelf. It leans towards him slightly then crashes on top of him, causing books to fly into the air. Chaon pops out of the pile of books like a sprout, exclaiming “FOUND IT! Now where was I?” Proudly holding up a hardback purple leather bounded book, titled 'Chaon Theory'. He heads to the first chapter while he stands in the rubble of books. “Here it is! Now, let me start over.”“Chaon Eon is the youngest son of Dai’lo Eon and Chi’sin Eon. He grew up in the nation of Ul’Dah until he moved to New Gridania, where he met Penelope Lane introducing him to the world of bards and bands. It wasn’t long after when Chaon picked up his first instrument, the piano, in hopes of making music. He has picked up several other instruments and while he isn’t as musically inclined as his fellow Drama Club peers, he still enjoys supporting everyone and watching them succeed.”

About Chaon

Race: nunya bid ness (Director's Note: Lalafell...)
Favorite Genre of Music: I'm all over the place. Most days I generally vibe to EDM/Trance but there are times where I want nothing more than to punch a fellow Lalafell while listening to heavy metal. Then there's the times where I want to be punched while I listen to emo and hip hop.
Favorite Venues/Bands: Darling Charley and Ryoka Sisters
Hobbies: Putting together Gundam model kits, kayaking, and being the most chaotic yet somehow sensible person in the room
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Mongolian beef, Asada tacos, See yew chow fun, Spicy Thai Curry
Likes: Watching the sunset glow on the skin of my dead enemies
Dislikes: Watching the sunset glow on the skin of my ALIVE enemies

Accompanied by: The Multidimensional Chaon Brigade

The Drama Club proudly presents:

ChaonVision is a TDC project featuring Chaon's songs and other TDC hits that you know and love or hate to love!ChaonVision operates as a side-project of The Drama Club, but it is wholly operated and controlled by Chaon Eon. (This is a disclaimer, btw. :Wahkane: )And yes- these loveable goons are available for hire! You can message @tboneofyork to work out any arrangements with ChaonVision for future events!Parental discretion is advised.

Diddy Shasha
Composer, Playwright, & Cast

Also known as: Diddles or Sasha

Diddy Shasha, a remarkably talented miqote bard, embarked on a musical journey filled with guidance and destiny. Under the mentorship of renowned bard Penny, Diddy's natural talent flourished as he honed his skills in harmonizing with fellow musicians and seamlessly blending melodies with various instruments. Unbeknownst to Diddy, a dark prophecy loomed over his future, foretelling chaos caused by a feline songwriter. Cautious but supportive, Penny welcomed Diddy into her band, The Drama Club, not just for his skills, but to also keep a close eye on him.During one of their gigs, fate intervened when Diddy's eyes met Sasha, a beautiful elezen woman, in the crowd. Their hearts connected, and a profound bond was born. As their love for music deepened, Diddy became Sasha's muse, sharing his knowledge and teaching her to play and perform with others. However, a jealous fae cast a curse on the couple, forcing one to always be asleep while the other is awake, disrupting Diddy's performances and tarnishing his melodies into chaos.Nevertheless, Sasha found a miraculous solution. Playing Diddy's lute while he slept, their music bridged the gap between them, with Diddy envisioning Sasha's presence in his dreams and Sasha feeling his warmth and spirit as she strummed the lute. Recognizing the power of their bond, Penny invited Sasha to join The Drama Club, in an effort to defy the prophecy. Their paradoxical music captivated audiences, transcending the curse's limitations and carrying their love and devotion.Despite physical separation, Diddy and Sasha continued their musical journey, defying fate and proving that love and music could triumph over adversity. Their unique performances echoed through the hearts of listeners, uniting souls and bringing harmony to a world once threatened by chaos. But little Diddy know, his dark fate would eventually find its way into his future.

About Diddy

Race: I am eternal and also Filipino-Mexican-‘murican
Favorite Songs and Artists: Currently I love ABC by Polyphia, but I also love Jacob Collier, and all things Linkin Park cos I grew trying to sing like Chester Bennington (RIP). And I love Film Scores.
Favorite Bard Band: The OMNI!
Hobbies: Climbing, singing, writing songs and scoring short films. Playing video games. Watching movies. Cooking. Long walks on the beach. Snuggling up with a good book while it’s raining.
Favorite Color: Blue… no—yelloAAAAAAAAAHHHHH
Favorite Food: I’ll never say no to a cheeseborger. Also love curry. And breakfast foods.
Favorite Content & Why: Shadowbringers and Endwalker because I cry
Likes: You ;)
Dislikes: Your mom
I’m open minded as hell and think you’re pretty good looking.

Raya Soleil
Cast, Hype-Bun

Also known as: Bae-ya, No Pants, ChocoBun

"Try not to get tied up on the little things."

Race: Half Bunny 🐇 half pain in the butt
Favorite Genre of Music: old school rock, D&B, really flexible taste in music wise. avoiding anything country and polka
Favorite Bands: Dona, Charlotte and Kars bands.
Hobbies: crafting, mild lala sacrifices, standing around and not getting anything done. riding my bike and terrorizing people on foot.
Favorite Color: shades of purple, pinks and blues
Favorite Food: any thing tasty with additional carrrots. sushi, baked potatoes post light lala sacrifice.
Favorite Content/Character & Why: my friends in TDC (Director's Note: AWWWW)
Likes: The Drama Club
Dislikes: questionnaires

Vanila Creme
Playwright & Cast

Also known as: Vani, Bani Bun, Banielle

About Vani

Race: Viera
Favorite Genre of Music: New Jazz/Retro Synthwave/ RnB or KRnB. I generally have an eclectic music taste and like everything under the sun.
Favorite Venues/Bands: I want to support everyone!
Hobbies: Writing and spending time with friends
Favorite Color: Powder blue
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Content/Character & Why: Shadowbringers/Zenos because I like my men with emotional baggage.
Likes: exploring new things, meeting new people, spending time with loved ones, working on art projects, volunteering, sleeping
Dislikes: Pickles

Tangerine Dreamsicle
Cast, Hype-Bun

Also known as: Tangy

About Tangy

Age/Race/Description: 28/Viera-Veena/caffeine-addict
Favorite RL Band: Currently vibing with the band SKÁLD, I love the beats and they are just really good! Highly recommend it, if you don't mind that they don't sing in English.
Favorite Bard Bands: Ryoka Sisters and Darling Charley
Hobbies: Fishing (both irl and in game), afking in Grid
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Coffee
Favorite content: Ocean Fishing and mount farming
Favorite expansion: Shadowbringers!! It's got my favorite map locations and the story is well written!
Favorite character: Thancred...I just...I love him okay <3
Likes: Listening to song recommendations, people watching, makin foods
Dislikes: Rude people, trolls, mornings
I'm a lil awkward, but I always welcome a hello!!

Mikos Yellowhawk
Cast, Dancer

Also known as: psssppssspsss, here kitty kitty

Race: I am a sun Miqo'te
Favorite RL Band: I am a film score geek.... so composers... John Williams, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Bear McCreary
Favorite Venue: Void Cats
Hobbies: RL - I am a furry, LARPer, and photographer
Favorite Colors: Purple and Yellow
Favorite Food: Ribeye steak, BBQ, and Pizza
Favorite content: questing, and exploring, fav expansion - Endwalker, Fav Character - well that would have to be best boy G'raha Tia... Why, well ummm he is so damn cute.
Likes: Warm breezy days, Thunder storms, mountains. softly purring cat on my lap. Hanging out and being silly with my furry friends.
Dislikes: Hot or cold weather. crowds, noisy places.

Tara Vekk
Cast, Dancer

The Drama Club!

Pictures taken at various events and venues by many talented gposers!

Penelope Lane

Hello! I'm Penny!The Drama Club is my passion project!I started this band in October 2022 as a refuge for bards who were wanting to have fun, be on stage, entertain people, and most importantly - not play alone.I spend a lot of my time in-game creating playable midi files for my band/friends. I also keep myself busy planning and organizing the band. I regularly teach people how to make midi files and also help them overcome challenges in their arrangements.I have jokingly called my style of music "Eorzean Easy Listening". I have eclectic music taste, and I will often arrange songs just because I enjoy the challenge.Send me a /tell or friend me on Discord @thetwelvesmuseI'd love to chat!

About Penny

Race: The boringest Middie that ever Middied. Not Bait.
Favorite Bard Bands: I can't list them all. I have made a lot of friends from so many bands covering a variety of genres. It's too difficult to choose! I love listening to songs arranged by the people playing them; I respect the labor of love!
Hobbies: Dootin', RPing, Going to shows!
Favorite Color: Royal Purple
Favorite Food: Mushrooms!
Favorite content: Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3
Likes: Making Friends, Going to Shows, Playing Music, Arranging Music, Teaching, Glamours, Mods, Graphic Design, Housing, RP
Dislikes: Running content, rudeness, trolls, and how the harp, piano, fiddle, and lute look the same in-game.

Accompanied by: Poppy Cox, Sharon N'eedles, Anita Strong'woman, Farrah Moan, Krystal Meth'od, Dixon Buttes, Hugh Jazz & Auntie Fa

TDC Philosophy & History

  • ♪♫♪ After years of playing music with smaller groups and duets in FFXIV as well as multiboxing, Penelope Lane of <Coeurl> founded The Drama Club in October of 2022 with the intention of being a home for the many solo bard friends she’d made since being on Crystal.

  • ♪♫♪ The Drama Club has grown into a full octet with a rotating cast of 5 real members and over 20 "NPCs".

  • ♪♫♪ The mission of The Drama Club is to provide a fun raid-like atmosphere within ensemble mode with real people who are allowed to come and go as they please. We provide all members a unique experience as members of a band instead of playing alone.

  • ♪♫♪ The Drama Club’s name was a bit of an inside joke, but we have found that the name truly does encompass who and what we are.

  • ♪♫♪The Drama Club is not actually about drama. We sync a group of people together and that inherently creates some technical/attendance probs. Our songs are meant to invoke many emotions from our listeners. Oh, and we do soundtracks! That’s The Drama Club.

  • ♪♫♪ The Drama Club intends to deliver quality sound and style that is themed to venues and events.

  • ♪♫♪ People join the Drama Club because they are: wanting to have fun, be on stage, and entertain people. Some of our cast want to do ensemble mode but don’t have time/energy to level bots. Others want to learn how to arrange music to play in FFXIV, and/or want to learn how to bring their own original compositions to life. And of course, some people already know what they’re doing, but they want to get better at it!

  • ♪♫♪ People have come and gone from our cast, and that’s okay! My hope is that everyone, one day, will find their own path as a bard whether that be with us or doing their own thing. So long as the parting is amicable, anyone is welcome back!

  • ♪♫♪ Our cast philosophy is simple: It’s a game. We are entertainers in the game. We’re here to have fun. If you’re not having fun, you don’t have to do it.

TDC Rules:
For the Band &
All Members of Our Discord Server

The Drama Club, along with all Drama Llamas, are a team, and we will behave as one. We are all each other’s #1 fan, and as we continue to grow - we have a responsibility to our community to be our best selves.Within the band and within Discord, we will handle things on a case by case basis. There are behaviors that are entirely unacceptable, and we are swift with the ban. Abusive (emotional, verbal, mental, sexual etc) behavior is an instant ban. We do not spread lies, rumors, or indulge disparaging opinions towards others. We do not engage in NSFW content that makes other people feel uncomfortable. Consent is key in all aspects of life— real, digital, or otherwise. If anyone is uncomfortable with the behavior of anyone in this Discord, including members of TDC, please don’t hesitate to talk about to @Lead Role or @Stage Manager.Any behaviors that would be considered inappropriate by community standards are banned from any TDC gatherings and this Discord. This includes hate speech. We do not allow any xenophobic, homophobic, or transphobic slurs, any racist, ableist, or classist rhetoric or any kind of gendered slurs or any other speech that degrades and humiliates anyone for who they are or the work they do.We will ban and block any member of our Discord at our own discretion if the need arises because I would like to keep our community safe. Usually, I will not do so without discussing issues with the parties involved. However, there are some egregious behaviors that go above and beyond the normal scope of what warrants a discussion between the parties involved.The TDC Discord and Free Company are not places to constantly vent, air frustrations, or express negative emotions/experiences. We are here for you, but there is a boundary where most of us would like to enjoy this game and our community without a cloud of negativity surrounding it. Please do not use this Discord as a substitute for a therapist or a friend to confide in.Members of TDC cannot share other TDC members’ files outside of the band without permission. Doing so will result in instant removal from TDC and all TDC related cloud folders. Collaborators in this Discord will also be removed immediately should they be in possession of and pass off anyone else’s music as their own. This is to protect the community of editors.TDC does NOT play files that we did not create, edit, or produce ourselves. We do not share our song list, but we are happy to take requests and play music that you enjoy!Ultimately, we should all be here for fun. This is a hobby for many of us. We are real people behind the character, and everyone's safety in this Discord is important to us.Please do not hesitate to reach out privately to anyone in TDC if you have an issue

Cast Member Expectations

Keeping Up with Discord
It is your responsibility to stay updated via Discord. If you’ve been away for an extended period of time, you can reach out to Penny for updates.
Every show will have a channel named with the venue and date. You must look at this channel for show-specific information.
All events are cross-posted via Discord & our website. It is your responsibility to know when and where gigs are located as soon as that information is available.
RSVPing for Any Events You Want to Attend
You are not bound to your RSVP, but please don’t RSVP for anything you aren’t sure you can attend.
You MUST RSVP at least 24 hours in advance.
Showing Up 15-30 Minutes Early For Any Gig
We have to soundcheck - make sure we’re on the right tracks, etc.
If you miss soundcheck, you can’t be on stage. You can be our hype crew or take off from the gig.
Being involved in the Community
The Drama Club is active in the NA community and occasionally OCE.
Plan on arriving early to shows and/or stay late to listen to other bards/bands. This is a good way to learn, grow, and forge friendships with the community.
Supporting other bards! This is so important! Please support everyone, regardless of your opinion of their music. Kindness costs nothing. If I taught you how to make music, you should focus on helping others and not tearing them down too.
Supporting venues is not a requirement, but it does increase our likelihood of getting and keeping regular gigs at fun venues.
Don't forget to thank our hosts and their staff after a gig.
Dressing for the Theme
You must dress for the theme of any occasion
TDC will fund any themed outfits within reason or provide alternatives.
Following the TDC Rules
All TDC Rules are located in Discord or on this site. If you need to discuss in-depth, please contact Penelope.
Quality of Midi Files
We must deliver quality sound at our events. If you want to test things, please do so when we have a scheduled practice or on your own. If it’s a member-specific testing session, please show up and help our cast members get their pieces in a good way for upcoming shows. Nothing will be played for a paid gig that is untested.
Using the TDC Master List
The Master List is where all show-worthy TDC songs are located in a numbered order.
Do not put WIP songs in the TDC Master List.
Name your files: initials - song title - artist | example: PL - Imagine - John Lennon
Put your tested and show-ready songs in the TDC Master List Folder and simultaneously fill out the TDC Master List Spreadsheet when you place them in there. The file must be named and numbered to match the spreadsheet. This is to ensure your song will be taken into consideration when I create the set list. Put the number from the spreadsheet in front of the file name. Example: 082. PL - Imagine - John Lennon
Reduce Your Lag
TDC has a reasonable expectation that if you’re not getting 60 fps, you must do everything you can to achieve 60 fps. It is the only way to ensure sync. Keep your mods to a minimum, use the weather & visibility plug-ins.
Participation isn’t mandatory, but if it seems like you’ve lost interest in being a bard or if you need to take a break, just let someone know.
Please leave negative attitudes at the door. We all have our bad days, but let's not bring that vibe to shows, practice, or any TDC gatherings. We’re here for fun. If it’s not fun, don’t do it.
Above all, it's okay to take a break! It's okay to put your RL first. You don't need to explain yourself. We'll be here when you return!

Starting July 1, 2023, our standard fee is 1.5 - 2 mil gil per hour and that is dependent upon the venue, time, and venue size. This is to compensate our band members fairly. Pay is split evenly among real cast members who shows up to play, regardless of how many multi-box bards they bring or the use of edits by members.However, there will be charity gigs where we may not accept pay as well as open mics, pop-ups, and other networking events that are not paid.I welcome anyone who wants TDC to play at their event/venue but cannot afford the pricing to reach out to me to negotiate. Fairness and fun are our goals here. We intend to never undercut our peers, but we also understand that venue owners don't always run their events at a profit. Trades are always an option as well.Want to learn midi-making? Reach out to Penelope Lane on Discord @thetwelvesmuse. Please note that any one-on-one direction is strictly based on whether I am available or scheduled for the future. If a more intensive session is requested, I will ask that my time be compensated with gil.Merchandise requests: All TDC Merch posted in the merch channel is free. However, if you have a specific request or design, it is 1mil gil for the design. I can put your design on any model that you have the license to change or use one of my free-license models. Penelope can also make your venue or band logo (without AI) for 2mil gil. Payment is expected upon completion.